Purchases during the lockdown


We are currently offering virtual shopping Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11am to 4pm, beginning January 5th. We are closed Jan. 1-4.

Phone the gallery during those hours at (204)475-8088, and one of the gallery artists will set up a virtual connection to you via Zoom or FaceTime, and will walk around the gallery to personally show you video of any pieces that interest you. If you have a budget in mind, they can help find something suitable in your price range. If you have an artist in mind, they can zero in on that person’s work. If you have a specific item you’d like but don’t know who might make that, or if you wish to purchase something from several people, they can show you your options.

Since we do not have a catalogue and price list of the items in our store, this is a way for you to see the vast amount of inventory available at all price points.

We have also set up an online store on our website, or click on this link. /http://stonewaregallery.com/2020/12/online-exhibitions/

If and when you have decided on a purchase, payment via credit card will be taken over the phone, with front door pickup available during those same hours. Delivery is also offered for an additional fee.

Alternatively, inquires may be made and purchased directly through the individual artist.

The artists’s pages on this website give some idea of each person’s style, but it does not show most of the current work available. To see more by an artist you may communicate directly with them. Some also have their own online stores which may be accessed through their personal websites.

If you have general inquiries, email contact@stonewaregallery and we will forward your request to all the artists. Those who can help you will respond directly.

You may email each individual through their personal links in the contact section, or email them at these addresses:

Barbara Balfour – braebalfour@gmail.com

Colleen Chamberlin – chamberlincolleen@gmail.com

Anne Fallis Elliott – fallist@mymts.net

Jennifer Johnson – artsyjenjen@gmail.com

Steve Jorgenson – stevejorgenson@mymts.net

Kathryne Koop – kathrynekoop@mts.net

Merilyn Kraut – mkraut@shaw.ca

Alan Lacovetsky – alan.lacovetsky@gmail.com

Valerie Metcalfe – valmetcalfe@mymts.net

Jillian Sareault – jilliansaro@gmail.com

Kevin Stafford – kbcs@me.com

Andrew Thomson – Thomsas@mymts.net

Teegan Walker – teeganwalker@hotmail.com

Marim Daien Zipursky – mdzclay@gmail.com

Thanks for keeping us in mind. We gratefully appreciate your support.