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GALLERY ARTISTS The Stoneware Gallery has been an artist-run gallery of local potters since 1978. In 2018 we were pleased to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and look forward to continuing for many more years. This cooperative began in its present location at 778 Corydon Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and currently

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GALLERY INFO 2018 MARKED OUR 40th ANNIVERSARY. The Stoneware Gallery has been a quiet oasis in Winnipeg’s vibrant Corydon strip since 1978. Enjoy the spacious 1500 square foot gallery where you will find one of the finest collections of contemporary pottery for sale anywhere in Canada. Here you will discover a treasure trove of fine

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Due to Covid-19, our classes cannot function as they have been. Please check out the latest post entitled Reopening June 1st, for more information.   CLASS INFO Classes are offered by The Stoneware Studio which is a communal studio space privately owned by five partners. It adjoins the Stoneware Gallery,