Construction Methods


Many methods may be used to create an object in clay. We have listed those that are used by at least one of our artists.

Throwing on the potters’ wheel— This ancient tool is used by most of our artists. As the wheel spins, the revolving clay is shaped into a cylindrical form using pressure from the fingers. Those using this method are: Ken Chernavitch, Anne Fallis Elliott, Colleen Chamberlain, Jen Johnson, Steve Jorgenson, Kathryne Koop, Merilyn Kraut, Alan Lacovetsky, Judy Marchand, Valerie Metcalfe, Andrew Thomson, Kevin Stafford

Handbuilding — Hand-built work is created by means other than the wheel. The most commonly-used method by our artists is slab-building. Barbara Balfour is our only artist who works mostly with slabs.

Plaster Molds for Clay Artists — Potters’ molds are generally made of plaster. Some are as simple as a sheet of hardened plaster while others are considerably more complex depending on the number of pieces it takes to fully surround the model. Kevin Stafford and Rachael Kroeker work primarily with molds, which they have made.