About Us


778 Corydon Avenue is home to two pottery collectives in Winnipeg. One is the Stoneware Gallery which showcases the work of its members, and the other is the Stoneware Studio which offers classes to the public. They operate independently of one another in a symbiotic relationship.

The Stoneware Gallery

Winnipeg’s Stoneware Gallery, founded in 1978, is one of the longest running artist’s co-operatives in Canada. The pottery exhibited is among the best available in contemporary ceramics in Canada, and an essential acquisition for the collector. The members utilize a wide variety of styles and techniques which have won many of them national and international recognition. The artwork displayed ranges from tableware to one of a kind objects suitable for private, corporate or architectural settings.

Over the years the Stoneware Gallery has provided many ceramic artists with the security of an eager market for their work. The shared workload and costs associated with running the business, together with a loyal clientele of pottery collectors has allowed many a potter to make a reasonable living.

The artists may be contacted directly (see individual artists’ pages) or through the Gallery.

The Stoneware Studio

The Stoneware Studio features a large gas kiln which is shared by its partners, other potters and its students. It offers eight classes a week in the art of throwing and reduction firing. Hundreds of students, over the years, have been educated in the joys of making pots through this studio.