Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson   Jen has been working with clay since she was a teenager.  Now, a professional potter, teacher and member of the Stoneware Studio and Stoneware Gallery, she has plenty of opportunity to keep her hands dirty.  Jennifer is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Manitoba as she further develops her studio practice.  In her small basement studio in River Heights, she creates artistically designed functional ware, as well as “non-functional” art pieces.  Jennifer sells her work in a variety of stores in Winnipeg, as well as across the world, via her online etsy store.  She also enjoys the opportunities to meet with other artists and participate in group shows via her membership at the Cre8ery and the Manitoba Craft Council. “I love the challenge of applying artistic concepts to functional pottery. Who says art can’t be functional? It is one way I can add some beauty to the world, because even a coffee cup can be a meaningful part of someone’s day. Little things mean a lot, even though we don’t always realize it!”

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