Britta Spiring


Art and craft have always been part of Britta’s life but her 2004 introduction to clay was followed by continued classes and workshops with a variety of instructors, leading her to Stoneware Studio.  

After experimenting with several types of clay, she currently works with porcelain and red stoneware to create functional and decorative pieces.  Britta enjoys carving free hand patterns into her work, influenced by zentangle©, and uses glazes that highlight line and texture.  Whereas most of her work is high fired in the gas kiln at Stoneware Studio, Britta also experiments with mid fire, electric.

Peppermill saucers (or “whatever you wish to use them for” bowls) designed by Britta have been a popular item and lead production together with a variety of mugs, bowls and containers.  Britta particularly loves the challenge of a beautiful teapot and does a “happy dance” with every sale.





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