Studio: Class Info


PLEASE NOTE: As of March 5th, 2023 our waiting list for classes is closed. It is currently extremely long, both for our regular session and for the summer session for 2023, so no new names will be added until further notice. Check back in June for further updates.

If you are already on the list and have not heard from us, please note that we keep names for 6 months, after which time you must contact us again within a year if still interested.

The list for morning classes is much shorter than for evening classes, and spots for more than one person are harder to acquire. Summer classes are a faster way to get into our regular classes, as those students are chosen over the waiting list for available spots in the fall.


Mask policy:

We have changed our mask mandate to one of individual choice. Although we still highly recommend that masks be worn in the studio, we are no longer mandating them.

Our ceramic community continues to be committed to taking a shared responsibility in mitigating the risk of Covid-10 transmission. The guidelines provided in the following link are the current advice and guidance offered by the province. They are updated regularly as the situation around Covid-19 evolves.

In addition to these guidelines, we ask the following:

Please do not come to the Studio if you are at all feeling unwell.

If you or any member of your family has travelled, wear a mask for at least a week when at the Studio.

If you or any member of your family is sick (with anything) please wear a mask for at least a week after symptoms have disappeared.



The Stoneware Studio is a communal studio space privately owned by five partners. It adjoins the Stoneware Gallery, and together the two businesses work in a symbiotic relationship. It’s a dynamic community of students, teachers and professional potters who have practiced in this space since the foundation of both businesses in 1978. Today, its main focuses are classes, and the use of its large gas kiln.

The current studio partners are: Valerie Metcalfe, Marusia Foster, Kathryne Koop, Colleen Chamberlain, and Jennifer Johnson.

About the classes: Morning and evening adult classes are offered year round. The lessons emphasize throwing on the wheel and are tailored for most skill levels, from beginners to advanced students alike. They are designed for and limited to adults over the age of 16, and due to limited space with only one instructor per class, anyone requiring special assistance or attention unfortunately cannot be accommodated. Ten wheels are available for use, as well as a slab roller for hand-building.  Students have access to dozens of glazes, and their work is professionally loaded and fired in the studio’s gas kiln. The kiln is high-fired in a reduction atmosphere, a sophisticated process that is difficult to emulate in other firing methods.

Regular classes – These operate from September to June, where students pay at the beginning of each month and continue for as many consecutive months as they are interested. For some this has become years, but for others, attendance is for a few months only. New students are contacted when someone quits, and must commit to two consecutive months as a minimum. (Click on “regular classes” link for more info.)

Summer classes – Four or five different classes are offered as an eight week session during July and August. This is a great time for new students to be introduced to throwing. (Click on “summer classes” link for more info.)

To get on the waiting list: 

As of March 5th, 2023, the waiting list is not accepting any new names until further notice. It’s extremely long at the moment.

When new names are once again being added, email and provide both your phone number and email address, and state whether you would like morning, evening, or summer classes. Also mention if you have some pottery experience, or are a beginner. Once we have an opening for you, one of our instructors will contact you. Openings become available when one of our students quit. Names are kept on the list for 6 months. If after 6 months you are still interested in joining our classes but have not heard from us, contact us again. Names are only kept for one year.