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Classes are currently closed and will be operational once again when health regulations permit. Since the pandemic situation is in constant flux, we will be making necessary decisions and adjustments as required.

When operating, returning students are accepted first, and remaining spots are filled with new students from our waiting list. To get on our list email stating the classes that work best for you. Check out the regular classes link below for more information.

Names are kept on the waiting list for six months.



Classes are offered by The Stoneware Studio which is a communal studio space privately owned by five partners. It adjoins the Stoneware Gallery, and together, they work in a symbiotic relationship. Today, the studio’s main focuses are its classes, and the use of its large gas kiln.

Pottery classes – click on this link to learn more about our classes in general.

Our pottery classes are offered year-round, catering to both beginners and advanced students alike. They are designed for adults with the minimum age being 16. Ten wheels are available for use, as well as a slab roller for hand-building.  Students have access to dozens of glazes, and their work is professionally loaded and fired in the studio’s gas kiln. Work in this kiln is high-fired in a reduction atmosphere, a sophisticated process that is difficult to emulate in other firing methods.

Regular classes – click on this link to learn more about our regular classes.

Summer classes – click on this link to learn more about our summer classes.

The studio remains a dynamic community of students, teachers and professional potters who have practiced in this space since the foundation of both businesses in 1978.

The studio partners are: Valerie Metcalfe, Marusia Foster, Kathryne Koop, Inga Torfadottir, and Jennifer Johnson.