Regular Session




Learn how to make a pot using the potters wheel at the beginner or advanced level from one of our professional instructors. Finish your pieces by glazing and firing them in our high fire gas kiln.

Classes are taught at personal levels teaching beginners and advanced students in the same class. Class size is limited to 10 people per class. Students sign up for one class per week and continue for consecutive months as long as interested, with a two month minimum. New students are started as spaces are vacated. Students are permitted four additional practice hours per week, which is limited to non class times during gallery hours. These classes are offered from Sept. to June. (Eight week summer classes are also offered.)

Class times:

  • – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday        7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
  • – Friday                                                                    5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • – Tuesday, Thursday or Friday                                10:00 am -12 noon

NOTE: the studio only accepts cash or cheques as payment

Class prices: 

  • – $110.00 per month for 4 classes (equals $27.50 per class), plus GST, and is charged on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.
  • – Extra charges apply on clay (costs range from $30 – $45 per box), tools (about $40), and firings (see below)
  • An additional $75 per month permits students extra practise time.
  • – Missed classes are paid for but may be made up in another class time, during the same month.

Firing charges:

  • – Pieces are measured and charged 4 cents per cubic inch. No piece will be measured less than 2” in height. This pays for the bisque firing, glaze use, and the final glaze firing to cone 10 in the gas kiln. (For students, former students and space renters use only)
  • – Pots that damage the kiln shelf in firing will be charged an additional $8 – $15
  • – Bisque firings alone are charged 2 cent per cubic inch (does not include glaze or gas firing)
  • – All firing charges must be paid for when picking up finished work.